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Technology & Innovation

Systems Integration

Our ultimate goal is to blend the proper system components providing a seamless, high-tech process line. Jacobson Engineering utilizes the very best technology and innovated techniques in order to realize our customer's operational goals.


Individual site surveys ensure understanding of our customer's requirements and the proper application of the appropriate technology.

Design Engineering

Rugged components are configured for long life in a harsh mill environment. Our systems are designed with the maintenance and production personnel in mind.

Software Engineering

Easy-to-use, menu-driven programs are featured in our systems. Modular and well documented software ensures a long, useful life with easy upgrades.


Delivering a quality product that looks good, works well and lasts a long time, is out primary goal.


Every system is tested before leaving our shop. This includes wiring, cross check, component burn in and software simulation.

Start-up and Field Service

Our seasoned field engineering staff provides a broad range of expertise. This ensures quick start-ups and continuing service after the sale.


Through early customer involvement in the engineering process, extending from the classroom to "Hands On" training in the field, customer education is achieved. We believe the customer plays an integral role in a successful process application.

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