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Bandmill Deviation Option

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The Feed Speed Interface System Allows for Optimum Feed Speeds, Increased Recovery and Heightened Accuracy.

As a tool for the experienced operator, the Feed Speed Interface helps dampen saw variation in uneven, knotted, or broken logs and allows the sawyer the ability to worry less about sudden changes in block consistency and concentrate more on the overall cut quality.

A Jacobson Engineering deviation system can detect saw deviation up to 20 times faster than the human brain can recognize a change in the audible pitch of a sawblade (See note 1).

Using Automatic mode, sensors detect, and automatically adjust feed speed far faster than an operator can react, allowing the sawyer to maintain a steady hand through an uneven cut.

In manual operation mode, the system can signal operators in up to half the time that it would take them to otherwise notice and compensate for saw deviation.

(Note 1) Detection times are based on commonly accepted human reaction times (sources) and worst-case scan times for the components in the Feed Speed Interface.

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